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Holiday weekend draws hundreds of boaters to Lake Pueblo, safety top priority

Pueblo, CO - It's a Fourth of July weekend tradition for many families in Southern Colorado, boating on Lake Pueblo 

But with recent drownings in Runyon Lake and in the Arkansas River, boaters are taking extra precautions on this holiday to stay safe on the water.

Our goal is to get out of the water alive and safe so you can come back and do it again next weekend," Colorado Springs resident Sandy Gates said Making sure you're not in the water and in your boat," "That means making sure you're not where currents will be, making sure you're not drinking on the lake.

The Gates' are new to boating. It's their first summer out on the lake. They require every passenger to wear a life jacket aboard their beloved "Sundancer," but in Colorado life jackets are only required on children under 12.

Avid boater Bo Kemble believes if boaters use their brains they'll be fine on the water.

"When we arrive at a place like this it's very simple," Kemble said. "It's more common sense and it's the basic rules. You make sure your boat and your jet ski is in good shape. You take all the equipment that you need. and, when you're out on the lake you got to be looking at what's going on around you."

One can crack open a beer and drink alcohol on the boat as long as he or she stays away from the driver seat.

Operating a boat or any type of vessel while under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Colorado.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, drinking and driving inside a boat could land an individual in jail. Boating under the influence charges could also lead to fines and the stripping of one's boating privileges.

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