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Home explosion: officer says couple was Black Forest evacuees

Neighbors want to help

House Explosion: Couple were Black Forest evacuees

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs home exploded into flames on Friday afternoon. The two living there are safe after the man ran inside to rescue the woman.

It happened around noon Friday (11/8/13) in the 4700 block of Chaparral Road. That's near Powers and Barnes on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

This isn't the couple's first fire. Although neighbors we spoke to were unsure, one officer told us the couple recently faced a similar situation. He says they had been evacuated from this summer's devastating Black Forest Fire. Now the home they were in is unlivable.

Firefighters fought the last few flames that took over the home. It belonged to a couple for only a month, according to neighbors.

"All of a sudden, out of nowhere this huge explosion happened and I think I said, 'Oh my God. I don't know what just happened," said next door neighbor Karen Sagahon.

Sagahon was sitting on the couch with her new dog, Levi, when the house exploded.

"All of the artwork had just fallen off the wall and hit me on the head," she said.

To think the new neighbors had experienced the same horrifying situation in Black Forest hit hearts on Chapparal Road.

"It's just heart wrenching to know that they have gone through this twice now," said Karen's husband, David Sagahon.

Linda Behner has lived on the other side, next door to the burnt home for 14 years. She said never in her wildest dreams did she imagine this kind of damage.

"That's what shocked me. That it was a gas explosion," said Behner.

"Considering all of the fire problems we've had this past year, you don't expect it to be your next door neighbor," said neighbor Joe Thiessens.

However, these neighbors want the couple to know they will be the best neighbors they can be.

"We're all very, very concerned for them," said David.

"We're here for them, whatever they need," said Behner.

Thiessens said, "Keep your chin up. We're all behind you."

Now, with the family safe, firefighters are keeping an eye on the burnt home.

"The structure is incredibly unstable.  We have three of the four walls that are literally bowed out.  The chimney is leaned out, it's pulled away from the structure," said Colorado Springs Fire Department Battalion Chief Troy Branham.

Because of the damage the fire department's building collapse unit was on scene helping to figure out what to do next with the house.  As for the couple, they are safe and staying with friends.

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