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Home of Heroes honors nation's fallen, female veterans

Home of Heroes honors nation's fallen, female veterans

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Home of Heroes paid tribute to the nation's fallen service men and women at Pueblo's Veterans Bridge.

The Memorial Day service was dedicated to female veterans. "I've never been to a ceremony like this, especially honoring the women veterans," said Marie Hammond, who served three years in the U.S. Army.

A resounding theme echoed through the service: freedom is not free. It's a message Sgt. Shannon Vargas shares with her kids regularly.

"I want you to learn what real sacrifice is," Vargas said. "They're in a technology world and they believe being without your technology is a huge sacrifice. I'm like you have no ideally, really."

Vargas was one of many female veterans honored at the service. Gen. Eden Murrie spoke before the crowd at Veterans Bridge about those who laid down their lives for something greater than themselves. She served 29 years in the U.S. Air Force. 

"Now you have women in every single role that the military can design and beyond and also it's a natural evolution and I'm glad that we're there," Murrie said.

But veterans weren't just reflecting on the past. They were looking ahead to the next group of service men and women, as members of the Young Marines handed female veterans a rose.

"Seeing the future there hand me that rose was just amazing," Vargas said. "Those little Young Marines were amazing."

Vargas has high hopes for the future and the next generation of the armed forces. But there's one lesson she doesn't want them to forget. 

"People have done a lot of things for you to even be able to say the things that you say on Facebook or Twitter or anything so be proud that you have that freedom but know that someone lost theirs to give your yours," Vargas said. "They lost their life to give you that freedom and your life."

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