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Homeless skydiver lands on his feet

Homeless skydiver lands on his feet

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A simple handshake and Keith Claxon had what he'd been searching for, for weeks…a job.

"I asked him to please come back on Tuesday, here it is Tuesday, and he came back in.  That's the kind reliability I'm looking for," said Sherm Kemp who owns Orchard Ovens Bakery.

Claxon will start washing the dishes and helping with food prep.

"I can do work like this with one hand behind my back," Claxon joked.

Claxon has been homeless for months.  He came to Colorado Springs from Texas hoping for a new start.  Soon after he got into town a different kind of opportunity presented itself: skydiving.

A group of teens from Colorado Springs met Claxon last month and bought him food; clothes and a free tandem skydive.

"I'm a daredevil," Claxon said.  "I would do it again."

Claxon survived a drop from the sky, now he has to survive a drop in the mercury.  His first paycheck won't come for at least a couple of weeks.  So he continues to camp along Shooks Run Creek until he can afford a roof over his head. He doesn't feel comfortable going to a shelter.

"I'm just going to have to tough it out," Claxon said.

Over his suit he wore for his job interviews, Claxon layers up.  He says the key is to stay under his bed roll and not get out until morning…Wednesday morning will be his first day of work.  It's the first step to getting out of the cold, and into a home.

Click here to watch the original skydiving video.

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