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Homeless skydiver

Homeless skydiver

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two weeks ago, Keith Claxon woke up in his usual spot…underneath a pine tree in a cardboard box.  He couldn't imagine later that day not only would he get his first flight in an airplane, he would jump out of it too.

"I'm a daredevil," Claxon said.  "I would do it again."

Typically ‘impact' isn't a word you want to associate with skydiving, but that's what 19-year-old Kristopher Kirtland and his friends were hoping for when they approached Claxon with the offer of free food, clothes and a skydiving trip.

"A complete eye opening experience for him that would hopefully give him a push to succeed in other areas of his life," Kirtland said.

Jumping out of a plane around two miles above the ground made the impact on Claxon the teens were hoping for.

"It was inspirational you know?  Like a Rocky movie, you hear that sound…Adrian I did it!  Makes you feel good," Claxon said.

Behind his bicycle, fitted with a clever homemade twig rack on the rear wheel, Claxon pulls all of his earthly possessions.  A new addition is a bag with a suit, two dress shirts and ties for job interviews.

"You want to dress for success," Claxon said.

A former security guard and dishwasher, Claxon has a goal to get a job within the next month, which would be two-times faster than his last job hunt.

"A lot of people, they give up before they even had a chance.  All they had to do was go just one more step closer, they were inches away and they could have done it," Claxon said.

He isn't afraid of taking whatever steps are necessary, even out of an airplane.

Claxon regularly visits the library to check his email and he has a phone number where prospective employers can leave messages for him.  You can reach Keith by email at kclaxon69@gmail.com  leave him a message at 719-457-0060 Ext. 4531 or visit Media Overload on Facebook if you would like to talk to him about a job opportunity.

Also, you can watch Keith's skydiving adventure here

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