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Homeowner angered by USPS and its mailbox mishap

Homeowner angered by USPS and their mailbox mishap

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Monument homeowner was still waiting on Thursday for her new mailbox to be put up, eight days after a mailman knocked hers down.

She watched the mailman knock over her mailbox. He drove into the ditch in front of her house and then proceeded to knock over the mailbox as he drove out of the ditch. Star Fiasconaro said she doesn't blame the mailman -- the roads are slick in front of her house.

"People make mistakes and I was cool with it," said Fiasconaro.

But now, it's been eight days since the incident; the only thing in the ground is a 2-by-4 with a piece of tape marked with Fiasconaro's house number on it. 

To make matters worse, USPS called Fiasconaro and said her mail would be put on hold or she would have to pick it up at the post office because she didn't have a mailbox.

Fiasconaro worked for USPS for seven years and she has since retired. She said she has called all over trying to reach the postmaster to get advice on what steps to take to fix the problem. She said the postmaster has avoided her phone calls and when she has answered, she's been uncooperative.

"I was calling all over creation because she wasn't helping me. I said, 'what do I do about the gentleman hitting my mailbox?' She said, 'I'm not privy to discuss that information with you.' Excuse me, but you are. I know this, I worked there."

USPS makes more than 200 million deliveries a day, six days a week and their spokesperson acknowledged that sometimes, mistakes happen. Fiasconaro is frustrated not by the accident, but the delays and lack of cooperation from the postmaster since the accident.

The postmaster declined an interview with KRDO NewsChannel 13. The spokesperson for Colorado's USPS did comment on the incident on the phone. He apologized for Fiasconaro's inconvenience and said they were trying to handle the problem as quickly as possible.

The spokesperson said the mailman will now deliver the mail to Fiasconaro's front door.

At this point, Fiasconaro has paid out-of-pocket for her mailbox. She is hoping to get reimbursed by USPS.

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