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Homeowner says HOA took down her political sign

Political sign causing controversy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs resident says a member of her homeowners association took down a political sign she made because of the sign's political affiliation.

Dianne Soto made a sign supporting President Barack Obama. She said it has either been taken down, or attempted to be taken down several times. One of the people she saw tearing down the sign told her he was a board member of her HOA.

"He said that he was from Warren Management, which is our property management company for the HOA, and that he was within his rights to take it down," Soto said.

Soto said he told her the sign was too large, and that she didn't object. But she later learned her HOA doesn't have political sign regulations.

Steve Kjonaas, the former president of the HOA Board of Directors said he thinks the person who took down the sign might have misinterpreted the laws and regulations. He said state law allows HOAs to set political sign regulations, but this particular HOA didn't.

Soto said even if her HOA had certain regulations in place, they should have talked to her first.

"What's most disappointing is nobody that's acting in his official capacity has actually knocked on my door to talk to me about it, to tell me I'm violating any rules," she said.

Soto's smaller Obama signs and her neighbors' Romney signs were left alone.

KRDO NEWSCHANNEL13 tried to get a hold of the HOA board member who allegedly took down the sign, but was unsuccessful.

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