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Homeowners clean damage left behind by storm

Residents clean up storm's aftermath

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A day after hail and strong winds hit the Pikes Peak region, residents are still feeling the impact.

On Thursday, residents near Baltic Street and W. Mill Street south of downtown Colorado Springs were still cleaning up the storm's aftermath.

Every house on Baltic Street had some type of damage, from shattered windows to broken screens to holes on the roof and siding.

"I couldn't believe when I came out (and) when I saw the tree," resident Josephine Roybal said. "I took a walk up and down the neighborhood, and looked at the side of the houses and couldn't believe it."

The residents' biggest worry now is paying for the damage.

"I've got no clue, I've got no clue," Don Easter said. "Between all the windows, the screens, if I have to replace my roof, I'm looking (at) at least five to 10,000 easy."

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