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Homeowners trying to save sinking house

Homeowners try to save sinking home

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Their home is in the middle of Colorado Springs and it's sinking.

Dave and Becky Ahl have lived in their home for more than four years and it was structurally sound but last month it started drowning after a flood. 

Dave Ahl, a retired engineer, put cinder blocks, jacks and woodblocks to prevent his house from sinking.

"The engineer said if I hadn't mitigated this crawl space, the house would be in a whole lot of trouble," he said.

The Ahls' house is sinking because floodwaters overflowed a storm water drain. The water went through their backyard fence into their crawlspace, which was filled with water.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency inspected the damage, and gave the Ahls money to hire a structural engineer and fill in the sinkhole behind their house.

The City of Colorado Springs is trying to help them out also, but says there are other projects they need to take care of, and it's also a money issue.

"We are just trying to find a viable and sustainable way of funding all of these projects," Storm Engineer Jeff Besse said.

The Ahls know the city's hands are tied when it comes to finding money, but if it would have taken care of the problem sooner, their house wouldn't be sinking.

"If the storm water facility was repaired and maintained over the last 59 years properly, this wouldn't have happened," Becky Ahl said.

The city says it will cost more than $1 million dollars to repair the damages.

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