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A man on a mission to honor those who served and gave all

Wear Red Friday: Keith LaMee

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Inside American Legion Post number five is a man who is spreading the word to make sure the legacies of veterans are honored.  Keith LaMee is a one man crew to make it happen for others, "Next to me getting married, it's probably the most important thing.  We will not forget our fallen and this town forgot about him.

The man Keith is referring to,  is Private First Class, Floyd Lindstrom.  He was one of two Medal of Honor recipients from Colorado Springs.   The other Medal of Honor recipient is Gerald O. Young.  Keith has been pushing to get Lindstrom's name on the new V.A. Clinic that is opening up in Colorado Springs.  Bills are currently in Congress to make that designation happen at the clinic.  Keith LaMee is a veteran himself and is from a family of veterans, "Anyone who served should be given that measure of honor because they stood up and said they are willing to go when others would not."

Keith LaMee also helped the family of a World War One veteran get something they desperately needed for their hero, "Somehow this fell through the cracks.  Different groups were supposed to order a headstone for Phyllis Orsatti and no one did."

No one did until Keith made sure she got her recognition, even in death, "In the section that she is in, all of them have flat headstones except hers.  Phyllis is standing up tall."

Keith LaMee may not consider himself a hero but we do, "I'm the bull in the china shop and I don't let anything stand in my way."  That's why he is our Wear Red Friday Hero.

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