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PUEBLO, Colo - Hormone replacement therapy to the rescue for Ted and Teri Skube.  This couple in their early 50's wanted to get back the spring in their step.  Teri was having painful hot flashes, low energy level and her memory wasn't as razor sharp.  Teri researched bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  These are testosterone pellets the size of a tic tac. 

Teri went to Dr. Rina Shinn at the Adonis Cosmetic Surgery and Spa.  Dr. Shinn tested her to determine her levels of testosterone to see if she was a candidate for the pellets.  Dr. Shinn, "As we get older, over 35, we all experience less of the hormone.  That is the way our bodies are made."  Dr. Shinn determined that Teri needed a hormone pellet boost.  Teri told me, "Within 12 hours, I felt relief and I didn't have another hot flash again.  My weight is also more stable now.  I have a lot more energy and my memory is back.   There is also another byproduct to the pellet therapy.  I asked Teri, "Has it improved your marriage?"   She told me, "Yes, both she and her husband Ted are more energetic and we're not irritable anymore."

Ted Skube is also on the pellet therapy.  He told me he also felt more energy and feels stronger.  He can see it in his golf game, "You start to have that jump in your step and other players start noticing."   Ted also sees the romance back in his marriage with Teri, "It almost feels like we're in our 20's and 30's. We date all the time and we have a lot of romance together.  Yeah it definitely is a whole lot better."

Dr. Shinn says the results of each person on the FDA approved therapy vary but, "I'm having people crying and saying their life has changed and they have regained their lives.  This is most gratifying."   Dr. Shinn tells me, this  therapy brings your testosterone level to what it would be like in your 20's and 30's.  Men need from 10 pellets up to 16.  Women may get one pellet or more.  Dr. Shinn says the effects of the therapy on average,  last from three to four months for women, four to six months for men. 

There are side effects to this therapy.  None is life threatening.  They range from acne, hair loss or growth and some pain in the area where the pellet is placed.  The effects go away when the therapy is stopped.

Some insurance does cover this bioidentical hormone therapy.  The cost ranges from two thousand to 25 hundred dollars.  Men use more pellets than women, thus the higher cost. 

I've put a link to more information from Dr. Shinn on KRDO.com.  Just go back to the front page and look under links we mentioned.

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