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Horse Manure on Trails Bothers Visitors

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, Colo. - A stinky situation doesn't exactly welcome visitors at the Garden of the Gods. There is horse manure on the trails and it leaves behind an unpleasant smell. People want to know: Who's responsible for cleaning it up? Turns out Commercial Academy Stables, the company that rents horses, is supposed to pick up the horse manure once a week.

As you enter the Scotsman picnic area in the Garden of the Gods, you might want to hold your nose. It's a smell we all recognize.

"Being the Garden of the Gods, it's such a beautiful place. It's distracting having the horse poop on the trail," said Sue Hawco, a park visitor.

When you're there, don't forget to mind your step.

"I always think it's like completely unsanitary and I'm going to have to somehow pick it out of my shoes," said Ken Keefe, visiting with his family and friends.

According to park rules, every pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet that includes horses.

"Whatever it takes. They should clean up," said Hawco.

But not everyone thinks it's a stinky situation.

"I don't really mind it 'cause I'm used to it. My mom's aunt has a ranch with four horses," said young visitor Lauren Akers.

She doesn't mind, but this smelly sight for others may be a nationwide problem.

"We have the same situation in some parts of California in some of our trails out there," said visitor Martin Hawco.

There's an initial $50 fine if you don't clean up after your dog or horse.

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