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How common is the choking game at Carson Middle School?

How common is the choking game at Carson Middle School?

FORT CARSON, Colo. - It's called the "choking game" and it scared 13-year-old Aliceson Valentine so much she avoided the bathrooms at Carson Middle School for an entire year.

"I avoided the bathrooms; I didn't think that was a very smart idea.  Didn't sound like something I should do," Aliceson said.

Speaking from her new home near Fort Benning, Georgia, Aliceson says the choking game was commonly played in the bathrooms by students, both boys and girls.

"It was very common because that's where a lot of people would go to skip class and stuff," Aliceson said.

Aliceson says friends of hers reported what was going on to school counselors.

"I think that they're ignoring it, thinking it will blow over or something," Aliceson said.

Aliceson decided to speak out after KRDO Newschannel 13 reported last week on Carson Middle School student Luie Fields.  Luie's mother says he was found dead in a bathroom at the middle school on Valentine's Day with a belt around his neck. 

Krisitina Fields says his death certificate reads "suicide," but she doesn't believe it.  Its because of a voicemail that Luie had accidentally left on her phone a month before he died.

"You hear him hyperventilating..huh huh huh huh...and their friend asking, you're laughing about it?  And he said Jace said if he could come over he would choke me again," Fields says.

So is the choking game a problem at Carson Middle School?

In an email, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 Human Resources Director Ty Valentine wrote that at this point "the initial investigation is not consistent with that story, nor is it consistent with there being a problem with such a ‘game' at Carson Middle School."

"I think that they're not being honest and that they're trying to make the school look better," Aliceson said.  "I think they should talk to their kids about it and tell them not to do it because it's dangerous.  No matter what anyone says there's a possibility you won't wake up."

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