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How to keep you and your pet safe while driving

Pets restraints while driving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Vic Vickers' S-U-V ended up in Bear Creek - he says after his dachshund Gio jumped onto the accelerator.

"I just thank the lord I'm here because I missed a tree that was 10 inches in diameter if I had hit it I wouldn't be here," Vickers said.

At 91-years-old Vickers says he's learned a lesson.

"I'll see that he's secure and won't be down on the floor board," Vickers said.

Pet restraints for vehicles is a growing business according to K & H Manufacturing in Colorado Springs.

"They've increased in quantity each year based on some states passing pet restraint laws for their automobiles," Rick Troyer said.

A new law in New Jersey says you could be fined if you don't buckle up your pet.  In Hawaii you aren't allowed to have a dog riding on your lap while driving.

But there are no federal safety standards when it comes to pet restraints.

Recently tests conducted by the Center for Pet Safety showed restraints for large pets failed in a simulated crash at 30 miles per hour.

Troyer with K & H says their two models for safety harnesses are tested by a third party.

"It's going to increase their chances of surviving an accident," Troyer said.

There are no pet restraint laws in Colorado.

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