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How to stay healthy this holiday season

Preventing the flu and cold

Stay healthy this holiday season

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's that time of the year again.

The holiday season brings gifts, food and family, but it also invites in the cold, flu and other illnesses.

December and January is when doctors see more cases of illnesses.

"The weather is going to start changing this week, we're going to get more colds and flu," Dr. John Torres said.

Torres said in order to stay healthy this holiday season a person must wash their hands, maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

He said people tend to gain more weight because of the holidays.

Torres feels he along with other doctors in the state will be occupied this winter.

"I feel every clinic in the state will be very busy this time of the year, especially as we get closer to the holiday season," Torres said.

The doctor said this is a great time to receive a flu shot, because the flu season will continue to get worse and it will take two weeks for the shot to take its full effect.

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