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Huge butterflies are raising money for the arts

Metal and paint giants for sale

Huge butterflies are raising money for the arts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Butterfly beauties are flying to raise money for District 11 students and their music and art programs.  An auction this Saturday night at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Center and Resort hopes to raise some bucks for these programs and for service projects of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs.

Last year, $35,000 was raised from the sale of the giant beauties.   It was spread out to five different schools including Audubon Elementary.   Audubon received $7,000 from this Rotary sponsored auction.  Among the items bought with the money was a program called a Journey Into Art.  It was an art lesson and museum tour.  The money also paid for instruments, sheet music and other things to keep students psyched and interested in the performing arts. 

Jo Lopez is Audubon's music teacher.  She says the kids are excited that the school received the money, "When you can present students with all kinds of instruments, you are helping them grow and create in so many ways."

Nancy Smith is Audubon's Principal and she thanks those who purchased the butterflies last year, "By supporting the auction with their money, they're saying the arts count.  Colorado Springs is a great place and the performing arts are alive and well."

Artist Gayle Nichols is the brains behind one of the 30 butterfly beauties to be auctioned off.  She says she has 80 hours invested in her project with Chris Knapp.  She's proud of her work and what the money will do for Colorado Springs students, "I think it's pretty exciting.  I'm giving back and I'm sure people did that when I was growing up.  I hope this can help give a future to a budding artist."

The auction is Saturday at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Center and Resort. Click on the Hot Button for a link with information about the auction.

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