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Hundreds gather to honor those killed in Rye

Rye Fire Funerals

PUEBLO, Colo. - Hundreds gathered during a service Monday to remember the three people killed in Rye. The bodies of Kim and Reggie Tuttle and their daughter, Dawn Roderick, were found inside a burning home on Nov. 27. Investigators believe a man who used to live with them killed them in their sleep.

Their lives were honored Monday at a funeral at Praise Assembly of God. Vera Sandoval said her sister, Kim Tuttle, was the glue that held the family together.

"She was the one for moral support. She was always there when I needed a shoulder. She gave me the love that I needed as I grew up," Sandoval said.

Rev. Marck Hecht officiated at the funeral. He knew the Tuttles for decades. "What a great tribute," said Deann Pujol, Kim's friend. "We should all be so blessed as to have somebody that loves us, that really, really loves us, be the one to be able to be there to pray us in."

Dawn's mother-in-law read a poem during the service titled, "Dear Dawn." She wrote, "You were not born of my flesh or carried my blood but you called me 'ma.'"

Hecht and Reggie Tuttle were hunting buddies. When the caskets were carried out of the church, Hecht blew a duck call to honor his friend.

"It was really just like bringing them to life right there," Pujol said.

Sandoval said, "People that really knew Kim, Reggie and Dawn know what it's like to have an extended family."

Kim and Reggie Tuttle are survived by their son, Toby Tuttle. Dawn Roderick is survived by her husband, Mark Roderick, three children and a stepdaughter.

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