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Hundreds send postcards to Pentagon hoping grassroots campaign will keep Fort Carson strong

Hundreds send postcards to Pentagon to keep Fort Carson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs homeowners are turning out in droves to sign postcards, Wednesday.

It's all part of a grassroots effort to let the Pentagon know this Southern Colorado military community intends to fight against possible job cuts at Fort Carson.

Michael Delori, the son of an Army veteran, has close ties to the post.

"The whole reason that we're in the Springs is because my father was stationed here," Delori said. "My brother serves in the Navy and was stationed here for awhile as well. Most of my friends are down at Fort Carson. It's a part of our community that's always been here."

Although nothing is set in stone, the Department Of Defense could cut 16,000 personnel at the Mountain Post over the next several years. Business leaders say that could have a $1 billion impact on this region's economy.

"Oh no we couldn't even survive that," Springs homeowner Pamela Leach said. She signed the postcard Wednesday morning. "We're just now coming out of that awful recession we had. Why would we want 16,000 jobs cut? That doesn't make sense."

Allen Cohen also signed the postcard to the Pentagon but doesn't believe this campaign will make a difference.

"I really don't believe the government is going to do anything about these postcards," Cohen said. "It will make the community feel good, but the Army is going to make up their own mind. What the grandpa of the Army says is the way it's going to go."

The deadline to send postcards to Washington is next Monday. You don't have to live in El Paso County to do so.

Fort Carson cannot comment on these recent developments at this time.

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