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I-25 construction: Patience is key for better commute

CDOT ramping up improvements

I-25 construction: Patience is key for better commute

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Orange along with red taillights are all too familiar colors for drivers on I-25. CDOT is working nonstop to improve the interstate from North to South with projects still in the planning phase.

CDOT has been busy expanding the interstate in Colorado Springs between Interquest and Woodmen, but it's only the beginning. Although it's a pain for drivers, they say it's worth it in the end.

Construction doesn't exactly bring out the best in people.

"It can be frustrating especially during rush hour," said driver Katie Pauciello from Monument.

"It sure makes traffic a lot harder to get to work in the morning," said Melanie Robinson, a Palmer Lake resident.

You might say I-25 is a bit of a war zone these days.

"With all the cops sitting around, guarding the construction workers, it makes people 'looky-loo' and slow down," said Pauciello.

From Denver to Colorado Springs to Pueblo, CDOT is hitting the gas to improve the interstate.

"It's a major corridor for Colorado. A lot of our commerce and goods and the traveling public use I-25," said CDOT Engineer Mark Andrew.

The Fillmore interchange is one of the projects already funded starting up this spring.

"The infrastructure's so important and the quality of the roads is so important, too," said Robinson.

Meanwhile, at the Cimarron exit, CDOT has plans to rebuild the interchange, making it easier for drivers to get on and off, especially to Highway 24. That will start in spring 2015.

It may be a painful patch of projects for drivers, but when it comes to the one road travelers rely on every day, truck driver Bruce Perry said, "I think we'll get through it."

"I've had more cars torn up by bad roads and too many people crammed into small roads. I think it's definitely going to help," said Robinson.

Improvements have to help especially with hopes to expand all of I-25 to six lanes.

"If we're going to continue to push for growth, we've got to accommodate," said Perry.

CDOT should have all six lanes open from Interquest to Woodmen by the end of 2013. The stretch from Monument to Castle Rock has not been funded yet.

CDOT expects all of its major projects on I-25 to be finished by 2017.

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