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Incline in need of million-dollar repairs

Incline in need of million-dollar repairs

The Manitou Springs Incline is hiked by thousands every week, and nearly 20,000 every month.  It attracts visitors nationwide and plenty of business for Manitou Springs.

The popular trail is in tough shape.  Between heavy usage and recent heavy rain, erosion and sliding rail ties have deteriorated the trail. 

"There's so much erosion and issues with it that it's essentially sliding down the mountain," said Jeff Mohrmann, board member for Incline Friends.

Incline Friends is a local nonprofit that is responsible for raising funds and maintaining the incline.

Mohrmann said the incline is in need of more than $1 million in repairs.  He said grants are expected to cover half of that cost.  He said the rest will need to be raised.

Incline Friends has teamed up with the Indy Give! Campaign in hopes of raising the necessary funds by next Spring.

"The more people donate, the more matching grants we can receive so it's a great way to leverage everyone's generosity.  By donating, they unlock more funds for us," said Mohrmann.

The group is hosting its kickoff event Friday at Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs.  "Growlers To Give" will be an opportunity for the community to give back in a unique and fun way.  Donators will also have an opportunity to win prizes and growlers of Trinity Brewing beers.

For more information on the event, click here.

For more information on Indy Give!, click here.

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