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Incline legalized to climbers

Incline legalized to climbers

Following nearly a decade of work, the Manitou Incline is legal to climb.

Kurt Schroeder with Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation started the dedication off right by saying. "This is no April Fools joke you may go all the way to the top just as many times as you would like."

Even with the legalization of the incline there are still rules.  Dogs are not allowed on the trail and the incline is only for going up, not down.

Schroeder says they hope hikers will enforce the rules, "One of the things we are hoping for is peer pressure from people doing the incline, remind folks what the guidelines are."

Many factors were looked at in the legalization, including a big one for locals, the parking issue.

 Manitou Springs Mayor Marc Snyder addressed the issue, "We are launching a free shuttle this summer it will begin May 19, and run through Sept. 9. Twelve hours a day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. we have a big free parking lot just east of town we are hoping people will use."  The shuttles will run every 20 minutes from the parking lot.

Legalizing the incline took an act of Congress and the signature of President Barack Obama.  Colorado U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn talked about the long process. "It's great to see all the collaboration that we had at different levels. Manitou Springs, the city of Colorado Springs, the railway company, the senator and myself, President Obama for signing this bill."

The incline still needs improvements, The Incline Friends are continuing their fundraising efforts.  For information on the events and how you can donate head to www.inclinefriends.com.

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