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Instructors give motorcycle safety advice

Motorcycle Safety

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - This time of the year is an especially risky time for motorcycle drivers, according to experts. They advise everyone on the road to be extra cautious.

"Number one, the motorcyclists are rusty because they haven't ridden a lot during the winter," said Dave Tolbert, instructor at Motorcycle Training Academy. "And then, number two, the car drivers aren't used to seeing motorcyclists. They just don't see us. They can look at us, and it doesn't register."

Tolbert said motorcyclists need to slow down and pay extra attention.

"At intersections, when there's a lot of traffic, they need to take an extra second or two to make sure the car drivers are going to stop, to make sure that they see them,"

Jennifer Tolbert, another instructor at Motorcycle Training Academy, said it's important to wear protective gear, and continue to learn and improve, no matter how long a biker has been riding. But car drivers also need to be responsible on the road. She said many times, cellphones are a distraction.

"(Drivers on the phone) go to change lanes. Well you can't clear properly if you have a cellphone right here and you're trying to turn and look," she said. "So they're not clearing, they're not looking, they're not using their blinkers, and the motorcyclist doesn't know you're coming over."

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