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Internet safety concerns

Internet Safety Concerns

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Zachary Hamilton-Smith, 19, from Monument is accused of sexually assaulting a boy he met on the Internet. Deputies said  the victim revealed personal information on a chat site. That raises questions about Internet safety.

Predators use the anonymity of the Internet to find their victims. They can use fake Facebook profiles and fake pictures. It's easy to lie on the web.

 "I basically just don't share any personal information with people I don't know. I keep everything private, and I don't add anyone I don't know on Facebook, or anything," said a Colorado Springs teenager named Kaitlyn, who said she goes out of her way to be safe.

And Dwight Buford from Colorado Springs said he uses the Internet for business, but rarely personal information.

"There are weird people, and strange things that happen. You get people that get online and are like, 'Oh, this guy's phone number is this or that.' I try to stay away from that," said Buford.

These tips might seem self-explanatory, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is a good idea for parents to talk to their kids about what it means to be safe on the web.

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