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Investigation details Lankford's run-in with neighbors and the law

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - A new report obtained Tuesday details Kenneth Lankford's run-in with neighbors and the law.  The incident and the investigation that followed would eventually lead to a ruling from a judge banning the Lankfords from owning dogs.

Lankford is a person of interest in the shootings on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 at two different addresses in Black Forest. One is on Timberlane Court, the other on Burrows Road.

Terry Lankford, 51, and Carol Fowler, 51 were killed. Carol Fowler's husband Thomas survived and is recovering at a local hospital.  Lankford was taken into custody Sunday morning.

The report obtained Tuesday details an incident on March 7, 2013 at the Lankfords' home at 6650 Shoup Road. 

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the neighborhood. When a deputy arrived, Kenneth Lankford came out of his home and told the deputy his dogs were the ones involved in the incident. Lankford said he had four white American bull dogs that his neighbors were afraid of.  The neighbor was walking up Lankford's driveway when the dogs approached him. Lankford said the neighbor started swinging a leash at them because he was afraid.

"(The neighbor) provoked the dog and excited them to the point where they attacked the neighbor," said Lankford to the deputy in the report.

Lankford said another neighbor with a baseball bat confronted the dogs after the incident was over and started hitting his dogs with a bat.

Neighbors told the deputy a different story. A neighbor's dog escaped its invisible fence and ran into the Lankford's yard. The neighbor walked over to the property with a leash to get his dog. As he walked up the driveway, the four dogs started biting him. He swung the leash in self-defense, said the neighbor.

Another neighbor saw the attack and rushed over with a bat. He hit several of the dogs. He was also bitten in the incident.

Lankford's wife Terry was home at the time. She tried to call the dogs to her but they didn't obey.  The victim was bleeding from bite marks on his forearms and on his thighs.

Another neighbor came forward and said she and her dogs were attacked four months earlier. The neighbor didn't press charges because, "She was afraid of retaliation from the Lankfords."

The dogs were impounded during the investigation.

Following the investigation, the dogs were ordered to be euthanized. They were put down in mid-August. The court also ordered that Lankford was not allowed to own any more dogs.

The Lankford's home burned down during June's wildfire. The two relocated to a home on Burrows Road. The Humane Society for the Pikes Peak Region was put in charge of making sure the Lankfords did not violate the court order. During a routine check, an animal law enforcement officer found two dogs on the Burrow's Road property. The Lankford's told investigators that the dogs belonged to a friend.

On September 13, 2013, a turkey was killed and a chicken was injured in the neighborhood by two dogs that matched the description of those found on the Lankford's property.

The dogs were impounded. One was put up for adoption, the other was deemed too dangerous to adopt and was euthanized.

Lankford's wife Terry, who is among those shot and killed Saturday morning, was charged with unlawful ownership of a dangerous animal. A warrant was issued for Kenneth Lankford's arrest.

Terry Lankford was supposed to appear in court Nov. 14.

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