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Investigation: Three shootings in three days

Investigation: Three shootings in three days

Investigation: Three shootings in three days

Colorado Springs, Colo. - A Colorado Springs neighborhood is on edge after a second shooting in three days hits too close to home.

Several shots hit a house on Winnepeg Drive around 2:30 this morning. It's the second shooting in that area and the third in Springs since Sunday.

At first glance, Winnepeg Drive seems quiet, a backdrop for Adams Elementary School. But just feet away from the playground, there have been bullets instead of baseballs.

Early Tuesday morning, a police officer was in the area when he heard about five gunshots. Then, the 911 calls starting flowing in. Police later found bullets in a home on Winnepeg drive. It's the same area where officers got word Sunday night of a shooting on the corner of Winnepeg and Hutchingson Drive. 

Then, police learned a second shooting happened on Dale Street - just about a mile away.

"At least twice a week we hear shootings at the apartment buildings behind us or the houses across the street," said neighbor Cynthia Sixkiller.

Cynthia says mostly older people live in her community. So what or rather who's to blame?

"Me personally, I think we have no officers in the area. I think the lack of law enforcement has a lot to do with it," said Sixkiller.

She asked us not to put her house in the background, scared what will happen.

"I have two children at home and I'm expecting this year and it's just scary I can't walk out my door to know which way the bullet's going to fly," said Sixkiller.

Neighbors on Winnepeg Drive tell us they've called police several times on the house, but they feel officers aren't doing enough.

Witnesses told police both shootings on Sunday night - one on Winnepeg Drive and on Dale Street - are gang-related. We're waiting to talk to the police station's gang unit to get more details on what's really happening in those neighborhoods.

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