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Josh Carrier goes from jail to prison, stays separate from other inmates

Josh Carrier stays separate from other inmates

EL PASO CO, Colo. - Joshua Carrier, the former Colorado Springs police officer who molested 18 boys, has been transported from the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center and is on his way to a state prison.

Records show Carrier is now at the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, where prisoners are assessed by the Department of Corrections and a decision is made about where they will spend their sentence.

Carrier will continue to have a very different life than the average offender because of his former law enforcement past and high profile molestation case. He will stay separate from other inmates.

While in El Paso County, Carrier was housed in a private cell in the medical section of the jail, and Undersheriff Paula Presley said he was never mixed in with the general population. Even when he was transported from one place to another, Carrier got his own guard to keep him separate and safe.

"We're very cautious about when we transport individuals back and forth to assure that there aren't those opportunities for them to get in any altercations or even verbal confrontations with anyone else," said Presley.
Inmates like Carrier do cost taxpayers extra money, but both Presley and a DOC spokesperson said costs associated with offenders who need special protections are not tracked separately from other inmates.

"Deputies are used to transporting 13 to 15 inmates all at one time, and in this case, where they have to transport one because he has to be segregated from the rest of the population, that can be costly," Presley said. "There are costs that are sometimes difficult to identify."

Records show Carrier will not be eligible for parole until 2080.

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