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Kara Nichols case gone "cold," but family won't give up

Kara turns 20 on Monday

Mom of missing woman hoping for new leads

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The mother of a Colorado Springs woman missing since October says she'll never stop searching. That's after investigators say Kara Nichols' case has gone cold.

Julia Nichols and several friends canvassed downtown Colorado Springs Saturday putting up flyers with Kara's picture and information in hopes for new leads. Kara will be 20-years-old on Monday.
"I've learned a lot about the illicit subculture that is more and more prevalent all over the country," said Nichols. "And I believe that facts and tips don't just fall into people's laps."

Nichols said it's been hard to hear investigators say her daughter's case has gone cold due to a lack of new tips and information. She said the El Paso County Sheriff's Office investigation has become a source of frustration.

"We still know of people who are calling us telling us they have called the sheriff's department and gotten no response," said Nichols.

Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Jeff Kramer has maintained that investigators are following up on the tips they get and have not put the case on the shelf.

"Typically, a case would be referred to as cold when there are no longer any investigative leads available for investigators to work on," said Kramer. "So in regards to this case, there are aspects that have run cold.

Kramer went on to say that on an almost daily basis, investigators are looking at social media sites that could help the case.

"Facebook and things of that nature to see if there's any information that might turn up. Information that we don't have yet," he said.

Nichols said she often thinks about the three missing women who were recently found after being held captive for a decade in Ohio.

"It's a dreadful thought to think about Kara being somewhere where no one can help," Nichols said. "And it's a horrible thought to think that no one is investigating every single possible hunch. Because I believe that's the only way she will be found."

On Oct. 9, Kara told her roommates she was going to Denver for a modeling job. She left behind her cell phone, I.D. and cash. Kara had an online modeling profile on the site Model Mayhem and had become involved in drugs and prostitution before she went missing. Investigators say the believe foul play may be involved in the disappearance.

Kara's mother is working with the National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation on Operation Runway, a task force investigating online modeling websites and the missing women and criminal activity associated with them.

If you have any information call Det. Gugliotta at 719-390-5555. Email tips to the family at TIPS@nwcave.org.

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