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King's Deer Golf Club open again

King's Deer Golf Club open again

MONUMENT, Colo. - It has been a four month roller coaster ride for King's Deer Golf Club. The course faced a surprise foreclosure in February and neighbors scrambled to find a buyer. Today was the course's reopening.

The course facing foreclosure was a shock for neighbors.

"There was a cross-collateralization with other golf courses the previous owners previously owned. When you're paying your bills to support other golf courses, you yourself (are) in a bad position," King's Deer Homeowner Association Board Member Jason Aguilar said last April.

The golf course, which is located on Royal Troon Drive, was bought by Almond Golf LLC.

Kevin Barosso says it's a sign of relief, because if the golf course closed, it would be bad news for the neighborhood.

"When we did hear it closed it was very concerning to us, especially as residents that enjoy living on a golf course community," he said.

Even though King's Deer is up and running, Course Superintendent Mark Hassell said more work needs to be done.

"Cleaning up the bunkers we're going to do more maintenance on the greens to really get to a point where we'd like to have them," he said.

There were more than 200 members who pre-paid for their green fees this year before the foreclosure and about 150 got their money back. As for the others, the current owners will make it up to them by having free green fees until the end of August.

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