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Lamborn focused on spending cuts, avoiding fiscal cliff

Lamborn Sees Fiscal Cliff Solution In Spending Cuts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Congressman Doug Lamborn returns to Washington D.C. Sunday. He said he's been back and forth on how he sees the fiscal cliff debate playing out.

"Sometimes I'm optimistic that it will be worked out, an hour later I'm pessimistic," said Lamborn.

One thing that is unwavering about Lamborn though is his dedication to fiscal responsibility. When he looks at the economic situation ahead he sees a reduction in federal spending.

"I'm not interested in raising taxes," said Lamborn, referring to President Barack Obama's plan for avoiding major holes in the budget beginning in January. "Our country needs more than anything to cut spending and to live within our means."

The Republican is in his sixth year as the representative of the 5th Congressional district. Lamborn said the fiscal cliff negotiations have been very frustrating and one of the one of biggest challenges that he's faced in Washington.

Right now, the Senate is at work on legislation. Lamborn said he'd be "pleasantly surprised" if the House sees the fruits of their labor by the time Representatives arrive.

"The ball is in their court. We've sent some things out of House that we've passed that are good proposals," said Lamborn. "Maybe they don't like it and they want to change it, let's let the Senate have a chance to act."

Lamborn believes the President has not been specific enough on what spending cuts he'd agree to. Lamborn thinks Medicare is one area that needs to be looked at.

"People live longer than when Medicare was first enacted so we have to look at reforms so that Medicare is sustainable," said Lamborn.

Medicare is a good place to look for savings, according to Lamborn, because on it's on the path to bankruptcy.

"In 12 years or so Medicare is going to go broke so we have to do something," said Lamborn. "It can not continue as it is."

One major area of concern for Lamborn is military spending.

"It's true that Colorado Springs will be greatly impacted by cuts in defense spending but I'm most concerned about our national defense," said Lamborn.

He said the military can not afford the tens of millions of dollars that could be cut if a fiscal cliff solution goes through the Pentagon.

"We don't have a revenue problem in Washington, we have a spending problem and we have to be serious about getting spending under control," said Lamborn.

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