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Landslide still slowly, surely moving in Colorado Springs

Situation affects dozen homes in Skyway neighborhood

Landslide Still Slowly But Surely Moving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A meeting of affected homeowners with city officials did little to change the situation or offer a solution to a landslide on the city's west side.

The ongoing situation involves a house atop a landslide on Constellation Drive that is sliding downhill toward homes on Zodiac Drive.  The sliding house has lost eight feet of its property since the landslide began in early July after constant rain, and sustained significant damage.

Tim Mitros, city stormwater manager for Colorado Springs, said the city met with homeowners for about 90 minutes Monday at the Gold Hill police substation.

"We wanted to get the neighbors' input, so we went around the room and asked everybody what they're seeing at their house," Mitros said.  "So each person went through and talked about maybe cracking in foundations."

Mitros said the landslide has caused damage to fences, decks and restraining walls below the landslide.

"We've had geologists look at the problem," he said.  "Now we'll have (El Paso County) Regional Building monitor it.  This is not unusual in West Colorado Springs.  There's nothing we can do, and there's no money to help homeowners.  But we'll keep trying."

Tad Bickley, a Zodiac Drive resident, said his home is one of only two not at risk from the landslide.

"My neighbor said that house might be sitting in our laps next week," Bickley said.  "I think that was somewhat in jest."

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