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Large icicles could signal insulation problems

Large icicles could signal insulation problems

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Icicles have been forming around southern Colorado this week and, while small ones are normal, large ones could signal insulation problems or cause roof leaks.

Icicles form on homes when heat escapes through the roof.  Snow melts and slides to the cold overhang where it refreezes.  The process can also form an ice dam in the gutters of a home.  Roofers warn that once that ice melts, it could cause leaks in your home.

Roofers recommend not knocking off icicles that form off an ice dam at your home.  Doing so could cause damage to your roof or gutter.  If you're concerned about a large ice dam or icicle, call your roofing company.

Check out the video above to see pictures of icicles sent to us by KRDO NewsChannel 13 viewers.

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