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Laser training system lets gun owners practice without using ammo

Gun Ammo Goes High Tech

A new laser training system lets gun owners practice their shooting without using a single bullet.

The Optical Computer-Aided Training System uses a laser instead of live ammunition. Its creators say this way, shooters can practice without worrying about wasting ammo.

"It gives you the realistic part of target shooting without the cost," said Jim Cline, of OutWest Systems.

The system can be used on different types of firearms. Once a person shoots, a computer program tracks the simulated bullet's location, time and movement. And it saves the information to track progress over time.

Cline said beginners, law enforcement and instructors could benefit from the system.

"You can take a person in a nice quiet classroom atmosphere, and get them their first practice (and) all the basic fundamentals of shooting without all the recoil and noise," he said.

Once someone is ready to make the transition, Cline said the laser training translates well into shooting on the gun range.

"It is almost identical," he said. "The only thing you're missing is the recoil."

Still, the OCAT System gives users the chance to practice in a real setting. Shooters can take the kit to the gun range and use live ammo. The OCAT System will still track and save users' progress.

A basic training kit starts at $495. For more information, click here.

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