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Laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga

PUEBLO, Colo. - Monday is the least favorite day of the week for many people.  But for handful of people in Pueblo, it's the funniest day of their week.  They participate in "Laughter Yoga."  But it's not the kind of Yoga you would think.

"It's the breathing techniques is the reason why it's called yoga, not because we get down on mats," said Annette Long who is the "giggling guru" who runs the class.

"It's the laughter that's healthy.  It's the laughter that's good for you, so let's do what you need to do in order to make laughter happen," Long said.

No jokes are told, but participants are put through several silly exercises like imagining the worst dancing they've ever seen and then re-enacting that.

"If you don't feel like laughing, that's really ok.  But I need you to pretend," Long said.  "Fake it until you make it."

People's actions and laughter becomes contagious.

"You find yourself just laughing because everybody is laughing.  It becomes genuine," said Louie Long who says he comes every week.

"It was funny to think about yourself and laugh at yourself too.  That was the most fun," said Susanne Baker who came to the class for the first time on Monday.

Laughter Yoga got its start in Mumbai, India, back in 1995.  Long, who is also a clinical psychologist, went to a seminar in California to learn about it, because she believes laughter is the best medicine.

"It's good for almost every single organ in the body.  You can make yourself well with laughter, there's no question about it," Long said.

Classes are held every Monday Dr. Long is in town.  It's a free class that starts at 6 P.M.  If you want more information you can call 719-564-9039.  The next class will be August 12th.

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