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Lawmakers set to tackle marijuana regulations

Lawmakers set to tackle marijuana regulations

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As Colorado lawmakers head into the first full week of the legislative session, marijuana regulation is one hot button item. 

Voters approved the sale of marijuana to adults over 21 in November but there are still a long list of issues for lawmakers to settle.

They must tweak state criminal code to allow adults over 21 to possess marijuana and come up with an excise tax on recreational pot. The constitutional amendment calls for the pot tax, which will need to be approved by voters. The money would go to school construction.

Expect proposals to set driving-while-high standards similar to drunken driving laws. There could also be efforts to address "on site" marijuana consumption that could determine whether Colorado develops Amsterdam-style pot cafes.

Rep. Bob Gardner (R, District 20) said, "I think one of the most important things there is to pass is a DUI laws that's workable."

"I believe in state's right to local control.  We ought to be able to deal with it without Feds intervening," said Rep. Pete Lee (D, District 18).

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