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Leaders attempt to tackle 40-year-old stormwater problem

Leaders tackle stormwater flow

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Tackling stormwater flow problems will require regional cooperation and dedicated funds, according to the Pikes Peak Regional Stormwater Task Force.

The task force met with Colorado Springs City Council Monday, to recommend solutions to fix the area's stormwater problem. It suggests tackling the problem regionally and creating a governing authority to help pay for the needed repairs. The authority would include local entities within the Fountain Creek watershed, like Colorado Springs, El Paso County and Fountain. Each entity would contribute money from its budget to help pay for stormwater projects. And voters would also contribute.

"The old infrastructure in this town is getting worse and worse, where you're going to have crumbling, and erosion and flooding," task force chairman John Cassiani said. "And we have to solve this issue."

Cassiani said solving the problem will cost more than half a billion dollars. He said it's been a problem for about 40 years, and the recent storms only reminded the community of how damaging storms can be.

"Of course people living closer to the channels and the streams are affected more, but everyone's affected with stormwater runoff," he said. "And it affects flood plain areas, it affects runoff from your property and it has to be addressed."

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