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Legal battle ahead for El Paso County?

EPSO questions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A big question remains unanswered in the el paso county sheriff's scandal...
Will you pay the bill for Sheriff Maketa's high priced attorney?
Documents KRDO NewsChannel 13uncovered first, Wednesday night at 10:00, reveal the Sheriff's attorney wants to get paid for her services by the county.
KRDO NewsChannel 13 has tried to contact her by phone for over a month, with no replies.
The emails we obtained say the Sheriffs attorney, Pamela Mackey, plans to the bill the county at least $10,000.
About 60 miles up I-25 lies the law office of Haddon, Morgan and Forman.
Its historic title is the Crawford House, originally home to one of Denver's socialite families. but there was another name, not listed on the sign whom we've wanted to talk to repeatedly, Pamela Mackey.
The Sheriffs attorney has been dead quiet on the accusations and the questions of whose paying for her.
So, KRDO NewsChannel 13's Greg Miller went to her office in downtown denver.
Neither Mackey or her aide would speak to him.
But new today, further personnel reports have been obtained, and according to those, Maketa had a good record.
He consistently scored 4's and 5's on performance reviews through his early career.
But an IA file the office won't release: Deputy Kerry Linfoot. She's the whistleblower who leaked accusations about Maketa. The Sheriff's office then released her Internal Affairs summary. But when we asked to see the full file, Legal Advisor Charles Greenlee denied the request, saying there was a credible threat of litigation.
"All deputy Linfoot's files will be withheld for the foreseeable future," Greenlee said in an email to KRDO NewsChannel 13.
Greenlee is referring to a story KRDO NewsChannel 13 aired on June 30th where records were revealed on three Maketa accusers. That they had less-than-clean records themselves.
In that story, an attorney for Sgt. Michael Schiller, one of those accusers, said the media release was another example of retaliation against this who have spoken out against the Sheriff.
The office says that created a chance that it would have to defend that claim in court, and won't release further records.

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