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Letters to Kum & Go

OLD COLORADO CITY, Colorado - Some residents in Old Colorado City have turned to our oldest form of communication to try and block a large convenience store from moving in…letter writing.

"The pen was the source of our initial freedoms and remains the most powerful instrument we have," Walter Palmer said.

Palmer and a few dozen other people sat down in the Westside Community Center to pen notes to city officials and corporate officers with Kum & Go.

"I think a letter is something that is more personal and makes a difference," said Beth Roalstad.

The group doesn't want Kum & Go to purchase the Goodwill property off of Colorado Avenue between 23rd and 24th streets.  They argue in letters that it won't fit in with the historic area, and there are concerns about the bright lights and increased car traffic.

"We want to hear the concerns and issues so we can address them and find successful solutions for all parties," said Traci Rodemeyer, a spokesperson for Kum & Go in a statement.  "We appreciate the historic architecture of Old Colorado City, and we are working closely with local chambers, city councils, local businesses and neighbors to ensure that the design of our store blends into the architectural environment of the community."

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