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Leyda Pendergrass and her journey to the Red Cross

Helping you and helping the Red Cross

Leyda Pendergrass and her journey to the Red Cross

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - One woman's road to the Red Cross has had its bumps and hurdles that include 30 years of military experience.  Retired Air Force Chief Master Sgt Leyda Pendergrass has been all over the world and now calls Southern Colorado her home.  She told me that the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Red Cross is important for her to be linked to as a volunteer.  It's her way to pay it forward, "They helped me out years ago when my Grandma passed away.  I was stationed in Japan and I needed to come back to Puerto Rico for the funeral and the Red Cross helped me out.  I needed to give back in that way."

Leyda just got on board with the Red Cross a month ago.  She's been looking for work but felt it was too important for her not to volunteer as she tries to get a job, "Being in the military they teach you to have a full person concept.   Being a part of the community and giving back to the community is what was instilled in me and I wanted to give back."

Giving back doesn't have a timetable to determine how valuable someone's importance is to an organization.  Leyda Pendergrass spent three decades in the military and is now just starting a new chapter in her personal and professional life. 

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