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LGBT marriage licenses still issued in Pueblo County

Gay marriages legal in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Colorado Supreme Court has ordered gay marriage licenses stopped in Denver and Adams counties, at least until it decides the constitutionality of Colorado's gay marriage ban.
One county not mentioned: Pueblo, which has been issuing licenses since July 11th.
Daneya Esgar, President of Southern Colorado Equality Alliance, admits, she's nervous about the future of marriage equality in Pueblo County.
"We really wanted to dig in and see what this ruling meant. It makes us nervous for the couples here in Pueblo," Esgar said.
That court's ruling came after Colorado Attorney General John Suthers asked the State Supreme Court to make a decision on a lawsuit by several same-sex couples in both Denver and Adams counties.
It claims the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.
The court has ordered gay marriages stopped in those counties while it decides the issue.
Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz would not answer any questions about that decision, but provided this statement: "
"The order issued by the Supreme Court is one sentence that specifically identifies the Denver County and Adams County clerks, and at this time we are evaluating what the implications are for Pueblo County. For the time being we will continue and issue licenses."
If the ban is overturned, it could set a precedent for six other states that ban gay marriages.
But the marriage licenses in Pueblo County will still be legal regardless of the state court's decision.
For now, the LGBT community is cautiously optimistic, but Esgar suggests couples who want to get married, do it soon.
"We all have love in our hearts," she said. "We all have this passion to be sure everyone is treated fairly under the law. We will continue this fight and continue to be optimistic."
A lower court already ruled the state ban unconstitutional, but the judge stayed that decision or delayed enacting it until the state Supreme Court rules.

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