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Life-threatening disease doesn't stop little girl from realizing her dream

Rayna Medina, 4, heading to Disney World

Disease doesn't stop little girl from realizing her dream

PUEBLO, Colo. - A life-threatening disease isn't stopping a little girl from realizing her dream.

Rayna Medina, 4, was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa when she was born. The disease causes her skin to blister easily.

"She's missing a layer of her skin, the dermis, that holds her two skins together. Any friction or rubbing causes it just to tear," explained Medina's mom, Diana Cancino.

Rayna has dreamed of meeting her favorite Disney princess, Cinderella. Dream Weavers of Southern Colorado will be granting Rayna's wish. The non-profit organization is paying for Rayna and her family to go to Disney World. It will be the family's first vacation.

Before they leave on Thursday, Rayna's parents will need to pack a special wrapping to cover their daughter's skin. Rayna's skin is wrapped from her neck to her feet so she doesn't develop a skin infection. It takes three people a total of two hours to change the wrapping every other day.

Rayna's mom compared her daughter's disease to a third-degree burn. The water Rayna is bathed in includes pool salt and bleach, which soothes her skin.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 was there as Rayna played with her parents at a playground at Bessemer Park. She told her parents she was scared to ride down the big slide. Cancino said her daughter knows that going down the slide could be painful.

"She bumps into something, she'll get a blister. You gotta pop it right away, lance it or it will just get bigger and bigger," Cancino said.

When Rayna was born, doctors told her parents that she would live to be between three years old to a young adult. Her mom says every day is a miracle.

"Take every moment that you have with your kids and make it special because you never know when they're gonna be gone," Cancino said.

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