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Light snowfall saves Pueblo money

Little snowfall saves Pueblo money

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo often misses out on a lot of snow, but like all of Southern Colorado it badly needs the moisture. The snowfall it received Wednesday was a welcome sight for the Steel City.

The commute home Wednesday was wet, and in some cases, slick for drivers in Pueblo.

"It's good to see snow in Pueblo," said J.C. Reigenborn.

"A lot of areas around us get snow and we just get the dry wind and of course the wind sucks out even more moisture from the ground," Gary Anzuini said.

Gusty winds fueled a dust storm that blew north of Pueblo, across I-25 on Sunday. Fierce winds also brought down a part of the Harley Davidson building in Pueblo last week.

The snow, though not long lasting, was a nice reprieve.

"Actually, this is a lot more than I expected. I heard we were gonna get a lot up north, but I didn't think we were gonna get any here cause we never do," Reigenborn said.

A lack of snow in Pueblo is saving the city tens of thousands of dollars. The city bought a thousand tons of sand and salt for snow removal this year, but it's only had to use 20 percent of it.

"We haven't had the storm expenses this year, nearly what we had for example even last year," said Steve Eubanks, superintendent of streets for Pueblo public works.

The wet, spring snow quickly melted as it hit the pavement, but for a city hit hard by the drought, it was needed.

Eubanks said, "Typically, if you get 10 inches of snow, that only equals about one inch of moisture actual water, so yeah we'd love to have as much snow as we can."

The city says all the sand and salt that doesn't get used this year can be saved for next year. It's welcome news for a city that faces a $6.5 million deficit.

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