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Lights out for popular household item

The phasing-out of incandescent light bulbs is a part of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act.  As of Jan. 1, the bulbs will no longer be manufacture in or imported to the United States.

This variety of light wastes 90 percent of the energy that goes into it, which translates to a significant amount of wasted money for consumers.

"Essentially they just use too much energy and they're actually quite wasteful because they tend to burn out more quickly," said Douglas Bursnall, senior conservation specialist with Colorado Springs Utilities.

Bursnall said while incandescent light bulbs are only 10-percent efficient, compact fluorescent light bulbs are 50-percent efficient.

He said using a CFL bulb in place of an incandescent bulb can save homeowners $5 every year.  In a home with about 40 lights, that would be a savings of $200 per year.

CSU is teaming up with local retailers to provide discounts to customers that are interested in upgrading their light bulbs. 

For a full list of locations where homeowners can get instant discounts on energy-efficient light bulbs, click here.

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