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Llama found dead; group boasts about kill on Facebook

Llama found dead

NEAR TRINIDAD, Colo. - Sally the llama who caused some drama when she got loose in Trinidad earlier this week, was found dead. Police say they have questioned two teens and two young adults after they posted a picture with the dead llama on Facebook.

Sally the llama caused quite the commotion on Wednesday (4/16/19) near Trinidad State Junior College. Police say they were making sure Sally didn't hurt anyone or any property when she ran off into the foothills.

Two days later, pictures of Sally dead with a group of four boys, teens and adults, were posted Facebook boasting about their kill and posing like it was a trophy. Trinidad Police started getting calls about the post. They traced it to two teens and two young adult, one who co-owned Sally. The group brought police to the foothills on private property.

Investigators say it appears that Sally was shot by a bow and arrow and her throat was slit. People who live in the county say they've been feeding the llama.

"[The llama] wasn't bothering anybody. We were feeding it, watering it. I don't know. It's just not right," said Theresa Nash.

Nash has lived in the county for 15 years. She's been a proud llama named Paul owner for more than 10 years.

 "That llama was just an innocent. You don't go around destroying what God made," she said about Sally.

Nash says she wishes she could've saved Sally.

"These kids are old enough to know right from wrong. And if not, their parents should've taught them. There's no excuse," she said.

Neighbors also said they were very angry the group was on private property in the first place.

"They came and tore the roads up, went to everybody's property without permission," said Nash.

Neighbors said they want to put up a gate at the entrance to the private development.

A veterinarian will determine the cause of Sally's death. Police say the district attorney will then decide whether to file charges. Officers said they should have those results on Monday (4/21/14).

KRDO NewsChannel13 talked to the mom of sally's other owner who was not in the pictures on Facebook. She says her son had nothing to do with sally's death. They did not want to go on camera.

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