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Local business feels furlough pain

Local Business Feels Sequester Pain

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Government workers are dealing with a pay cut for nearly three months. Government furloughs mean one day a week of less pay for many in Southern Colorado.

Families are making cuts to survive, and furloughs are affecting local businesses too. It's an economic domino effect. If people are spending less, businesses will suffer.

At High Maintenance Salon, summer is a busy season, but this summer is much quieter.

Leslie Killian is the manager. She said there has been a 25 percent loss of profit and the furloughs are to blame. Many of her regulars are not walking through the doors anymore.

"They are specifically saying I cannot come during this time. What my concern is -- I can handle the 11 weeks -- it's what happens when we have to recover from those 11 weeks," said Killian.

Killian said the salon is working on special packages to offer furloughed families.

"Now you have to manage that you are losing $300 a month on your paycheck. Can you really afford that $40 pedicure anymore?" said Killian.

So, as furloughed families cut back, employees like Killian are cutting back too. Killian sees the light at the end of the furlough tunnel, and thinks her clients will return.

"Those are clients that I have seen for three years -- once a month or every other week kind of thing,"  said Killian.

KRDO NewsChannel13 has a list of businesses giving deals to furloughed workers. You'll find it here on krdo.com under links we mentioned.

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