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Local businesses hope Colorado's new logo will attract more customers

New branding effort could help Colorado businesses

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado can be seen on flags, shirts, even bumper stickers, but the state government is adding another logo to make the state recognizable to people outside of Colorado.

"It's the kind of sign that would look good on a window," said Buzz Steemrod, who works at the All That Glitters jewelry store in Old Colorado City.

He said his shop is planning on applying for the "By Colorado" state brand licensing program because it will let visitors know his shop is local.

The symbol is a white-and-green rounded triangle, with a snow topped mountain with the capital letters CO on it.

"We have our own shop here, we make our own jewelry and many of the things you see are made here. I think (the logo) will bring attention to that," Steemrod said.

According to the Branding Colorado website, the program will save the state money since it will be used for all state agencies.

The Colorado Department of Transportation said it will save about $300,000 a year in graphic fees.

The program cost $2.3 million; $1.5 million came from private funds, $300,000 from the Colorado Tourism Office and $500,000 from the state.

Kip Carey owns the All About Colorado Store in Old Colorado City.

He said he likes the flag as a symbol more than the new logo.

"(The new logo) is a little bit simple, I was a little disappointed," Carey said.

Carey says he is happy about message the "By Colorado" state brand licensing program sends.

"Made in Colorado and it will give people that indication that what I have here in my store is from Colorado," Carey said.

Meghan Feldmeyer is visiting Colorado Springs.

She says a different logo will reach out to more people.

"I think Coloradans are familiar with the state flag and license plates, but I don't know if people outside of the state have the same strength of association," Feldmeyer said.

The Branding Colorado website says it didn't use the Colorado state flag as part of the logo because the flag is public domain and can be used by anybody, while the new logo is trademarked.

People can apply for the logo for free.  



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