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Local rally for Ferguson protesters

Local rally for Ferguson protests

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The violence erupting in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson has citizens across the country standing in solidarity with the people there.

Impromptu rallies popped up in cities across the country.  A couple dozen people gathered on the steps of Colorado Springs City Hall.

"Police violence in this country is at epidemic levels," said Jon Martinez who brought his sons along with him, each holding their own anti-violence sign.

"As a father, thinking about all these young kids that are losing their lives from people that are supposed to be protecting us...really makes me lose it a little bit," Martinez said.

Images of police in Ferguson firing tear gas and rubber bullets, carrying automatic weapons and driving military vehicles has others around the country worried about their own safety.

"Increasingly the police are trained to view the people in the communities they're supposed to be protecting and serving as enemies," said Kara Dansky with the ACLU.

Pressure appears to be working, as media reports indicate a much different attitude from law enforcement led to the first peaceful night in days in Ferguson.

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