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Loggers remove dead trees to restore hope in Black Forest

Tree removal in Black Forest

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - One Black Forest native is trying to restore hope to the community by getting rid of the daily reminders of last summer's fire - the dead trees.

Robb Willes is connecting property owners with loggers. The goal is to remove the trees from the properties at a price that's lower than what others' charge.

"The property values are restored because of the liability of the dead trees are gone, and people have hope when they drive down the road again," he said.

And the wood that's cut down stays in Black Forest. The plan is to chop it into firewood and donate it to Black Forest residents who need it. Willes is looking for a central place in the area to store the wood and volunteers to help cut and deliver the firewood. He said anyone interested in helping can contact Black Forest Crosses For Losses.

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