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Long term recall impact

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Newly recalled State Senator John Morse shared this message with supporters during his concession speech on Election Night.

"The loss of this seat for the next 16 months is purely symbolic.  Democrats, the party of working families, still hold the majority in both chambers," Morse said.

UCCS political science professor Josh Dunn says symbols can be powerful.

"I realize that Senator Morse and Senator Giron are trying to downplay it, say that it's not that significant, it's purely symbolic, but this was huge," Dunn said.  "Michael Bloomberg doesn't give hundreds of thousands of dollars to just try and win symbolic victories."

Dunn believes that long term this recall will force Democrats back to the center.

"The laws might not change, or might not change immediately but the behavior of Democrats in the state legislature will change," Dunn said.  "This sends a powerful signal, particularly to elected Democrats that they're vulnerable."

Even with the election of two Republicans, Bernie Herpin (D-11) and George Rivera (D-3), Democrats still hold the edge in the state senate, 18-17.  Because of that, Dunn says the controversial gun control laws that started the recall effort might not be challenged until the next election.

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