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Nationwide search for the missing model

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - A news conference,  Tuesday afternoon could help keep the search alive to locate 19 year old Kara Nichols.  El Paso County Sheriff's investigators will be detailing the search for this young woman whose disappearance is now considered suspicious.

Social Media's role in the active search is also being credited to keep Kara's name in the forefront.  I chatted with Inspector John San Agustin about social media's part in the search.  He told me, "Facebook is a great avenue.  It's a great conduit for us to reach out to people to give us a good idea about their practices and their behaviors.  Also, who they associate with and what they like or dislike."  

According to investigators, the openness of Facebook and other social media can also be a detriment too. "Is the information reliable?",  said Inspector San Agustin.  He told me, "We find in a lot of past investigations people out a lot of information that is bogus.  Misinformation to us because their intention is to send us on a wild goose chase."

Remember, Tuesday afternoon at 2, El Paso County Sheriff's Investigators will discuss the missing model's investigation.  Kara Nichols vanished, October 9th, apparently on her way to Denver.  We'll have a full report on the news conference which will include her father talking with the news media. 

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