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Looking for work?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is a busy place on Monday and every day.  Andre Bethea has a job but wants to make more money. He's betting on Call Centers.   Andre likes that kind of work, "I like to work with people and talk with people.  I like to interact with people so much." 

Andre's bet on a new Call Center job could be a safe bet.  Terence Jackson is with the Workforce Center and told me about who's hiring, "Nursing, customer service and truckers." 

Lissa Dollar is feeling the sting of being laid off, just this morning, "Frustration, I've got three years vested in the company or had.  I'm a licensed physical therapy assistant.  I thought it was a company I could retire with."  Dollar is still hopeful to find work in her job field.   

There's also Mark Trujillo.  He told me, "I'm looking for a warehouse job, warehouse work."

Terence Jackson with the Workforce Center is still waiting for February's state unemployment rate which could be another positive month.  The rate could come out Tuesday.  The  national unemployment rate  came out last week.  The U.S. rate was at 7.7 percent.  That's two percent lower than the month before.  

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